Friday, September 28, 2012

Joni Swanke and Sage are running

Joni sent Sage to the left, had a nice fetch going and then one broke off, Joni saved it, made the fetch panel, on the run, wide turn sheep are just running made the pannel but sheep are running to the set out. Out of sight, dq sage got the sheep and is bringing them to set out.

Bev Lambert and Joe are waking to the post

Bev sent Joe left, nice wide outrun, going deep, nice outrun, nice so far little off line to the right, now back on line, thru the panels, nice bottome fetch, little wide on the turn, sheep want to go to exhauset, pullig left on the drive away, nicely thru the panels, and a pull thru, made the cross drive panel, at the pen, one broke, nice save by Bev, and penned. 140.5, 294

Sonia Craig and Lad

Sent log left, tight, stopped short, sheep aren't moving know we are going on line, little off to the right, made the fetch gate, on line, wide turn, sheep wanting the exhaust, trouble getting the drive away going, made the drive away panel, wobbly cross drive but made the panel, nice to the pen, looking in the pen, one popped out, gripped, DQ

Ken Hitchcox and Ariel

Ken sent left, nice outrun, stopped short and redirected, lifting left, running left now running down the field back to the fetch line made the panel, still running dog well off, wide and running to set out know on the fence, know almost in with the judges, one fatty is huffing back on the drive away line, trying to break again back on breaking again dog took a bad flank, made the panel wide turn, low on the cross drive one broke away, in the fence, blk face ewe. dq

Emil Luedeke and Zac are on course

Nice wide deep outrun to the right, nice lift, little off line to the left but not bad, thru the fetch panel, nice bottom fetch, nice turn a little wide and now they are off on the drive away one ewe is pulling left, nicely thru the panel, made ehe cross drive panel, fat sheep, excellent pen. 152, 291.5

Ron Green and Chavo on course

Ron is sending right. chavo is going out nice and wide. came up short, lifted straight and then went left, still off line left and running made the panel. sheep are offline funning on the bottom wide around the post know stopped, nice drive away staight thur the panel, wide turn, having a little trouble lining out the cross drive, battery is down to 35%, sheep just won't line out, made the panel, nice 3rd leg. Sheep are at the mouth, now facing the dog, looking in he pen, they're in. 115.5

Suzy Applegate and Hope

Suzy sent left, Hope is nice and wide, and deep, over ran a bit, lifted left, sheep are not grouping well, now the are back on line, blk face not playing well, I think she missed the panel, nice bottom of the fetch, little jumpy around the post, drive away is good, made the panel, wide turn back on line fro the cross drive, nice cross drive, right thru the panel, tight turn, great pen. 132.5, 260